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True Occupancy - Occupancy Monitoring Solution

What is True Occupancy?

True Occupancy is an occupancy monitoring system that provides real time occupancy and space utilization data for everywhere that matters to you.

Drive strategic decisions using a range of intelligent sensor solutions – from desk to room to building – all backed-up with globally trusted device management, simple visualization tools and open integration with leading BMS and workplace systems.

About True Occupancy

One occupancy monitoring system. Multiple uses.

Return to Work
Enable a safe return to the workplace for employees.
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Space Utilization
Optimize real estate through rightsizing. Improve strategic decision making.
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Employee Experience
Empower employees whilst attracting and retaining talent.
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Energy and HVAC
Reduce operational costs and improve environmental impact
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Open Area and Space Monitoring
Measure the usage of flexible and non-defined areas for optimization and right-sizing.
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Meeting Room Rightsizing
Improve asset utilization, space rationalization, employee productivity and experience.
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Washroom and Restroom Management
Understand usage for demand based cleaning, improve sanitization and safety.
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Hoteling and Desk Management
Optimize desk space and improve employee experience with live space availability
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How National Grid saved $10 million

National Grid needed an objective way to measure building utilization across their large property portfolio. Discover how data from our occupancy monitoring solution enabled them to make informed decisions and multi-million dollar savings.

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Occupancy monitoring made easy

Step 1. Occupancy sensors

The True Occupancy sensors are strategically deployed throughout your building to measure people's movement. Our occupancy measuring technology provides reliable and accurate insight into space utilization without compromising privacy or anonymity, so you can make better use of every available square foot on your premises.

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Step 2. Data platform

True Data, our custom platform, handles all the complexities of receiving captured occupancy data and aligning it with your building's layout.

With patented end-of-day error correction and remote device management tools, our platform is the brains of the True Occupancy solution, allowing for easy data interpretation and integration.

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Step 3. Insights and integrations

Harness the power of reliable occupancy data for cost reductions, improved user experience, space optimization and enhanced smart building automation.

From building management systems (BMS) to hoteling and desk booking systems, the open nature of our cloud-based True Data platform allows for a range of useful integrations that deliver immediate and long-term value.

Discover occupancy data integrations

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Uses for occupancy monitoring

Safe workspaces

Enhanced hygiene and efficient space management help employees feel confident and secure in their workplace environment. Occupancy sensors provide real-time data that can be used to prevent overcrowding as well as automate use-based sanitization tasks for washrooms or other shared facilities. Enable a safe return to the workplace.

Building and space utilization

Does a space fulfil its intended purpose? Strategic decision-makers need reliable insights into space utilization. Accurate occupancy data can enable critical cost-saving decisions that also improve the experience of occupants, employees, and visitors to a building. Measure building and space utilization.

Meeting room rightsizing

Meeting rooms and shared-use spaces must provide value and utility to employees. Analysis of accurate historical occupancy data can help determine what size and type of space will most benefit employees' experience and potentially reduce operational costs. Occupancy monitoring can empower facilities management teams to make confident decisions about space rationalization and optimization. Optimize your meeting rooms.

Open area and space monitoring

The new flexible workplace environment demands more innovative thinking and a people-centric approach to design and layout. Occupancy sensors can help decision-makers understand the utilization of open plan and unconstrained areas to ensure these spaces continue to enhance productivity and support employees. Understand how your space is used.

Restroom management

Anonymous utilization data collected by occupancy sensors can help facilities managers structure demand-based cleaning schedules that help organizations maintain a high level of hygiene in washrooms and restrooms. Ultimately, this leads to optimized consumption of resources and more efficient sanitization of key shared spaces. Enhance your restroom management.

Desk management and hoteling

Modern, agile offices support flexible work patterns. Employees can reserve desks and resources to suit the requirement, allowing for more efficient use of office space. Occupancy sensors can send live updates to booking systems, providing an accurate overview of space availability; this eliminates friction from the booking process and enhances employee productivity. Improve desk management and utilization.

Energy and HVAC optimization

Occupancy monitoring can be utilized to dynamically automate control of HVAC and lighting systems, enabling a real-time response to changes in occupancy levels. The result is reduced costs attributed to lighting and heating, a smaller carbon footprint, and a more comfortable environment for employees. Enhance your restroom management.

Improve employee experience

Employees are drawn to forward-thinking organizations that prioritize ethical business practices and employee health and well-being. Occupancy data can enable live desk and room availability management, wayfinding, improved sanitization, demand-based cleaning, and optimization of service scheduling to create a more people-centric environment. Boost the employee experience.

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Useful resources

From providing insights and best practices, to real world examples and use cases, our occupancy data guides will help you discover the true power of occupancy data and occupancy analytics.

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