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Definition: True Occupancy

Accurate and reliable counting of people as they move within a building

How does True Occupancy work?

Discreet people counting sensors installed in key locations anonymously track the movement of people in and around your building. Data collected is securely transmitted to the cloud for reporting, analysis and integration with 3rd party systems.

Our IoT sensors accurately and anonymously count people as they enter and exit rooms, zones, floors and even buildings. A cloud platform collects this data and patented AI algorithms calculate real-time occupancy levels. 

As sensors are installed in key locations such as walkways and corridors, true occupancy data can be collected for all areas of your building including hot desking areas, break out zones, meeting rooms, receptions, washrooms and canteens.

Understand how your building is really used with accurate and reliable occupancy data and enable yourself to identify ways to reduce cost through better space utilisation or through optimising the workplace for staff to increase productivity and revenue.

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Why use people counting technology?

People counters are the ideal technology to measure occupancy within buildings. They are a tried and tested technology that has been embraced by retailers worldwide to better understand their customers and enable them to improve their customer service with the overall aims of reducing costs and increasing profits.

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True Occupancy sensors use non-video technology, ensuring staff privacy is maintained.

High Accuracy

Industry leading people counting and occupancy accuracy levels in excess of 99%

Low Maintenance

Sensors are edge IoT devices that can be configured and maintained remotely


Easily integrate occupancy data collected with existing systems via REST API and MQTT

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy as sensors are PoE, requiring only one cable

Extreme Lighting

Sensors use Time of Flight infrared to detect people and work accurately in extreme sunlight and total darkness