Workplace Occupancy Sensors

True Occupancy technology

How does True Occupancy work?

At the heart of the True Occupancy solution is our highly accurate workplace occupancy sensor. Discreetly installed on the ceiling, these sensors use people counting technology to anonymously detect people as they enter or exit an area.

Unlike other occupancy sensing technologies, our sensors only need to be installed in key locations such as walkways, corridors and entrances.

By only monitoring occupant movement at these locations, a True Occupancy solution is cost effective and infinitely scalable. Occupancy data can be collected at as macro or as granular a level as required - from a whole building, to each floorplate or department and even down to individual rooms.

Collected data is securely transmitted to the True Occupancy cloud platform where patented AI algorithms calculate real time occupancy levels and space utilisation.

True Occupancy data is accurate and reliable, enabling you to make objective decisions and reduce costs through better space utilisation and workplace optimisation.

Workplace Occupancy Sensor - Example Building Layout

Why use people counting technology?

People counting technology is ideal for use in workplace occupancy sensors. They are a tried and tested technology that is relied upon by retailers worldwide to better understand their customers and enable them to improve their customer service with the overall aims of reducing costs and increasing profits.

Technology - Workplace Occupancy Sensor - How it works

True Occupancy sensors use anonymous, non-video, sensing technology. This ensures employee privacy is protected.

Low Maintenance

As edge IoT devices, these sensors are very low maintenance and can be configured and maintained remotely.

Highly Scalable

Installation is quick and easy as sensors are PoE, requiring only one cable for power and data transfer

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The True Occupancy sensor

Designed for accuracy, the Irisys Vector 4D people counter was created using our extensive experience of counting people in retail environments.

Unaffected by light levels and able to count large crowds of people, all moving in different directions, the sensor works perfectly in even the busiest of locations.

Utilising Time of Flight technology, advanced AI and machine vision, the sensing of people is completely anonymous.

Privacy protecting
No personally identifiable information captured

Discreet design
Ceiling mounted for passive occupancy sensing

Technology - Workplace Occupancy Sensor



Addon Module: PIR

In addition to our highly accurate workplace occupancy sensor, we have created a PIR module that boosts data accuracy even further. When used in combination with our workplace occupancy sensor, the PIR module provides a binary presence detected yes or no output.

Example use cases included:

  • Meeting room occupancy and room release for room management systems – a PIR module installed within the meeting or conference room eliminates the chance for error build up in data collection and enables automatic room release when the room becomes empty.
  • Small meeting rooms, pods or cubicles (one to two people) – provides a cost effective way to collect basic usage data (occupied or not)
  • General area occupancy and area counting solutions – Sometimes highly accurate occupancy data is not required. Instead, knowing whether a space is occupied or not, is sufficient. A PIR module is a presence detector and multiple can be connected together to cover large areas (eg. lecture theatres, seminar rooms, break out areas etc)

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