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Now more than ever, knowing how space is being utilised in your workplace is crucial to helping your business efficiently navigate the challenges of Covid-19. It allows you to facilitate best practices and keep your staff safe, while enabling you to adapt your real estate from a financial perspective.

Schedule a free online demonstration with one of our experts by filling in the form below. You'll discover how our space utilisation and optimisation solution gathers occupancy data and enables you to understand how your employees are actually using the workplace, providing you insight on:

- how to transform your building layout so it's more suited for social distancing

- spaces that can be optimised or reduced due to a decrease in use as a result of increased remote working

- how to maximise your cleaning schedules to respond to the frequency of use 

Anonymous detection

Our sensing technology doesn't use cameras to monitor occupancy to assure the privacy of your employees.

Real-Time Data

True Occupancy data can be integrated and displayed live on employee apps, intranets or display screens.

Highly Scalable

Installation is quick and easy as sensors are PoE, requiring only one cable for power and data transfer.

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"It's great for helping internal customers understand how their space is being used and provides important feedback to building managers on building usage"
Simon Carter, Head of Corporate Property - National Grid, UK