Occupancy Data Integrations

Leverage occupancy data in other applications and systems

Harness the power of integration

Occupancy data has great value on it's own, but thanks to the open nature of the True Occupancy ecosystem, additional value can easily be extracted.

Utilize occupancy data in other solutions and building systems for increased functionality, improved user experience and potential cost reducing activities, or combine with other data for better business intelligence and decision making.

We have a growing number of pre-built connections for leading platforms and solutions; and a custom API for everything else.

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Integration options include:

Room booking

Understand actual room usage for rightsizing and enable smart functionality such as dynamic room release and live asset availability.

Desk booking and hoteling

Use real-time occupancy data for live workspace availability and dynamic space booking and release.

Building management systems (BMS)

Utilize real-time occupancy data for automated and demand based control of building services such as HVAC and lighting.

Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS)

Leverage occupancy data in your IWMS for improved real estate and facilities management,

Digital twins

Integrate real-time and historical occupancy data for a true digital representation of your physical asset for simulations and scenario analysis.

Custom API

And for when a pre-built connection hasn't been created yet, the True Occupancy platform includes a custom API for extracting the occupancy data you require.


Occupancy sensing technology

True Occupancy utilizes multiple occupancy sensing technologies to measure people movement. This means that no matter where in your building you want to understand people movement and utilization, we have a sensor that will capture accurate and reliable information.

See our occupancy sensors

Occupancy data platform

Handling all the complexities of collecting occupancy data from deployed sensors, the True Occupancy data platform (True Data) makes sense of it, aligns it with your building layout for context and prepares it for analysis or integration.

With patented end of day error correction and remote device management tools, our data platform is the brains of the True Occupancy solution.

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What is True Occupancy?

True Occupancy is a complete occupancy ecosystem. Capturing data from a range of occupancy sensors, True Occupancy is a single source of truth for building occupancy data.

From desks to rooms, and open areas to buildings, True Occupancy provides accurate and reliable data for informed decision making, building performance and space utilization.

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From providing insights and best practices, to real world examples and use cases, our occupancy data guides will help you discover the true power of occupancy data and occupancy analytics.

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