Integration and Reporting

Easy to use, intuitive dashboards for fast analysis

or seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems

Reporting made easy

Reporting and analysis is made easy thanks to our powerful True Occupancy software platform. Data from installed devices is securely transmitted to the cloud where reports are generated automatically.

Instantly see how buildings, floors, zones and rooms are utilised, identify usage trends and measure performance against KPIs.

Have more than one building or location? Occupancy data from these separate locations can be accessed and analysed from a central cloud platform.


Easy to use and intuitive dashboards


Take a look at some of the reports available ...

Maximum Occupancy - Weekly
Maximum Weekly Occupancy

Maximum occupancy reached - split by day and by zone.

Can be viewed as colour coded table or graph.

Average Occupancy - Weekly by Zone by Day
Average Weekly Occupancy

Average occupancy for a week - split by day and by zone.

Can be viewed as colour coded table or graph.

Occupancy by Time - Daily
Daily Occupancy

Daily occupancy of zones, floors, buildings in 15 minute intervals.

Weekly Occupancy - by Day and Time
Weekly Occupancy by Time

Occupancy of zone, floor or building - split by day and shown over time.

Maximum and Average Occupancy - Weekly by Day
Maximum and Average Occupancy

Weekly maximum and average occupancy of a zone, floor or building - split by day.


... plus many more


Easily integrate accurate occupancy data in to your existing systems via MQTT or REST API.

Sample documentation will be made available soon.

BMS/IWMS Systems

Add occupancy data to enable deeper analysis and to automate control of HVAC and lighting systems

Room Booking Systems

Integrate with your existing room booking solution to measure usage efficiency and ensure they fit your business needs

External Data Systems

Or transfer the True Occupancy data to external analysis tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau