The Truth About Workplace Occupancy eBook


The Truth About Workplace Occupancy

Real World Applications and Benefits of Occupancy Data Analytics



Smart technology has opened up a world of opportunity for businesses to design ‘connected’ workplaces that go beyond traditional real estate objectives to elevate the employee experience. 

Occupancy analytics enables users to accurately measure, interpret and optimise the workplace to meet the needs of today’s highly mobile, highly skilled workforce. The technology helps businesses to adapt to a new workplace dynamic, drive productivity and financial growth. 

What’s in the eBook?

  • Key insight into the smart buildings market

  • The workplace benefits of occupancy data analytics

  • Real world applications from the National Grid

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Memoori Founder and MD, James McHale, and National Grid’s Former Head of Corporate Property, Simon Carter, share real world insights, and discuss the long-term applications and strategies occupancy analytics can bring to the workplace of tomorrow.

“The industry can be quite conservative in many ways and people can be resistant to change. However, we’re starting to see larger corporates pushing at those boundaries, and those leading from the front have a fantastic opportunity to reap the multiple real world benefits.”

Simon Carter - MD of Anticus Consulting and Former Head of Corporate Property at National Grid

The Truth About Workplace Occupancy - Pages

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