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True Occupancy Solution Overview - Brochure

True Occupancy: Solution Overview

Everything you need to know about our True Occupancy solution.

  • Applications, use cases and benefits
  • How True Occupancy works and how occupancy data is collected
  • What can be achieved with True Occupancy

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Reports and guides

Guide - Building a Business Case for Occupancy Monitoring

Building a Business Case for Occupancy Monitoring

  • The impact and ROI of occupancy monitoring solutions
  • How to successfully implement an occupancy monitoring solution
  • How to maximize your building’s potential using occupancy data
  • Where occupancy data fits into the smart building landscape

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Re-engage Employees with the Workplace - Guide

Using Occupancy Data to Re-engage Employees With the Workplace

  • How occupancy data can help facilitate a safe return to workplace for your employees
  • Benefits for employees of measuring real-time occupancy
  • Short term and long term benefits

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The Truth About Workplace Occupancy - eBook

The Truth About Workplace Occupancy

Learn more about what occupancy analytics can do for your workplace.

  • Discover key insight into the smart buildings market
  • Understand the workplace benefits of occupancy data analytics
  • Real world examples from the National Grid

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True Zone
Captures occupancy and utilization data at building, floor or zone level.
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True Room
Scalable sensing solution for individual rooms of all sizes.
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True Desk
Desk-level occupancy sensing. Provides highly granular data.
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