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Is Your Building Costing You Money?

Is your commercial building stuck in the 20th Century?

Smart building technology is transforming...

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Do You Have Clarity Over Your Building Occupancy?

Your commercial property has a purpose: to serve the needs of the occupants. Whether you operate...

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What Your Facilities Management Team Wish They Knew

Your commercial real estate isn’t just your business’ address. It’s also where your employees spend...

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How Smart Buildings Improve Employee Wellbeing

According to reports, the average Briton will spend 3507 days of their lifetime at work, a figure...

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How can Offices Save Space, Energy and Money?

When you think of improving space utilization at your corporate office facility, you are more...

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How True Occupancy Data can Turn Your Building Into a Smart Building

The incorporation of interconnected digital devices and applications into organisational tasks has...

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