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Energy Optimization

4 areas different smart buildings solutions can provide you with ROI

First, you need to know the aim and the objective you would like to achieve from utilising a...

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Real-world Benefits of Occupancy Analytics

According to research related to the future of workspaces, the UK’s office market is in flux and...

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How Can UK Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

When surveyed, only 10% of British firms claimed to have a set carbon reduction target....

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Is Your Building Costing You Money?

Is your commercial building stuck in the 20th Century?

Smart building technology is transforming...

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Do You Have Clarity Over Your Building Occupancy?

Your commercial property has a purpose: to serve the needs of the occupants. Whether you operate...

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Is Your Commercial Building Fit For Purpose?

Most traditional commercial buildings bleed resources and energy somewhere. This can be...

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