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How to Ensure Anonymity While Using Smart Building Technology

Smart building technology is helping organisations to create more efficient workplaces that are...

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Choosing the best occupancy sensor: 6 considerations to make before selection

More and more organisations are making investments in smart buildings technology, particularly...

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Implementing Real-Time Analytics: A Q&A with Simon Carter

Smart buildings and accurate occupancy data are revolutionising the workplace. Businesses are...

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Embracing Occupancy Analytics: A Q&A with James McHale

Smart buildings have shifted from futurist vision to bricks-and-mortar reality—but the true...
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Real-world Benefits of Occupancy Analytics

According to research related to the future of workspaces, the UK’s office market is in flux and...

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How Can UK Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

When surveyed, only 10% of British firms claimed to have a set carbon reduction target....

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