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What Can A Desk Occupancy Sensor Do For The New Workplace?

The call for a more agile workplace has been loud and clear, and many employers have embraced the...

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How Workplace Occupancy Sensors Improve Employees’ Experience

The smart building landscape keeps growing, and so too does the range of Internet of Things (IoT)...

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4 Office Space Management Best Practices

Office-based working has changed significantly in the last 18 months. Although there was a trend...

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5 pieces of data space utilization dashboards can give you

Getting the most out of your office space has never been more important, especially as remote and...

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Using workplace people counting to create an occupant-centric building

People counting systems were first championed by retail businesses seeking to understand how...

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How To Calculate And Optimize Your Office Space Utilization Rate

To understand how your office space is being utilized,  you can start by doing a basic space...

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