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How To Optimize Your Office Space Utilization

To understand how your office space is being utilized,  you can start by doing a basic equation:

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Why is Space Management Important for an Office?

Most companies and big organizations require a large estate of office space to locate their...

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What is a Smart Building?

We are reaching a new age when it comes to building construction. No longer is it simply enough...

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Real-world Benefits of Occupancy Analytics

Currently, commercial office space is undergoing its most significant transformation since the...

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Expert Opinion Interview: Exploring the technical side of the True Occupancy solution with CTO, Tim Wheatley

A few years ago, Irisys undertook a project for National Grid to help them better understand how...

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What does the industry want from a smart building solution? An interview with Razina Ahmad, Irisys’ BDM

There's no doubt that the future of building management is smart. As technology advances, it...

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