Meeting Room Occupancy

Optimise your meeting room space
for efficient meeting room usage

Are your meeting rooms working for you?

How many times have you tried and failed to book a meeting room, only to walk past and discover the booked meeting was a no-show? Or even worse, how frequently do you see large conference rooms being used by just a handful of people?

True Occupancy data can help eliminate these problems and ensure you have the optimal configuration to meet your business needs. Are your meeting rooms the right size and do you have enough or too many?

Ceiling mounted workplace occupancy sensors count people in and out of your meeting rooms and report True Occupancy data to an AI cloud platform for analysis, reporting and integration with 3rd party systems.

Ensure meeting rooms are available when needed and reduce the time employees waste looking for available rooms.

Meeting Room

Video free solution ensures staff privacy as individuals counted are not identifiable

Real Time Occupancy

Occupancy data can be seen in real time, enabling quick identification of meeting no-shows and available rooms


True Occupancy data can be integrated with existing meeting room booking systems

Benefits and ROI

Improve Space UtilisationImprove Space Utilisation

Understand how your meeting rooms are really used and ensure you have the right amount and they are the right size for your needs

Meeting No ShowsReduce Meeting No Shows

Minimise the disruption and loss of productivity that meeting no shows cause with a True Occupancy solution

Reduce Wasted TimeReduce Wasted Time

Staff time is expensive, ensure it is used productively and reduce the amount of time they spend looking for available rooms

Real-Time DataReal Time Data

True Occupancy data can be integrated and displayed live on employee apps, intranets or display screens