Energy and HVAC

Reduce usage, reduce costs, help the environment

Savings of 24-32% can be realised by using smart lighting and smart HVAC controls

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Reduce wasted energy

The environmental footprint of buildings is becoming increasingly important for both companies and employees. Additionally, heating and lighting costs are a large proportion of the overall costs for running any building – so eliminating any wastage is key. 

Understand how your building is utilised through True Occupancy data. By identifying unused space, energy wastage can be minimised. 

Real-time True Occupancy data can be integrated with your existing HVAC system for completely automated savings.

Energy and HVAC
BMS/IWMS Integration

Integrate True Occupancy data in to existing BMS or IWMS system via REST API or MQTT

Automate Control

Automatically control heating, ventilation and lighting in different areas based on the True Occupancy

Reduce Costs and Usage

Save money and reduce energy usage by only heating and lighting areas when required

Benefits and ROI

Save MoneySave Money

True Occupancy data can reduce costs by automating control of heating, ventilation and lighting so it is only used when required

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Employees and customers want to work for and do business with environmentally friendly companies 

"We're always looking at our operations' efficiencies. We have over 18 million sqft of buildings which adds up to a fairly large annual energy bill. If we can save 2% to 3% of that, it's a significant amount of money."
Associate Director of Operations - Canandian University