Employee Experience

Make your building work for your employees

37% of job candidates will accept a job with a lower salary if the company offers appealing culture, workplace facilities and technology

Hassell and Empirica Research - Does workplace design affect employee attraction

Optimise the workplace for your staff

For most organisations, the two largest costs are people and premises. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive employees and there is a strong relationship between employee happiness and the workplace environment.

A True Occupancy system can provide and enable environments that are satisfying for end users and engage them to work smarter and be more productive. These help attract and retain the best talent whilst enabling you to meet their flexible working preferences.

Reduce the amount of time employees waste looking for available rooms. Or, improve their workplace experience by providing useful information about queue length at the on-site gym or restaurant.

Measure real time traffic throughout your facility, from large zones down to individual rooms and understand how much space you really require whilst maximising utilisation by adapting to occupant behaviour.

Break Out Room

Video free solution ensures staff privacy as individuals counted are not identifiable

Real-Time Occupancy

Occupancy data can be seen in real time, enabling quick identification of available hot desks, meeting rooms and on-site facilities


True Occupancy data can be integrated and displayed live on employee apps, intranets or display screens

Benefits and ROI

Top TalentAttract and Retain Top Talent

Ensure your building works for your employees and meets their needs

Reduce Disruption and Wasted TimeEmployee Experience

Staff time is expensive, ensure it is used productively and reduce the disruption caused when searching for available rooms

Real-Time DataReal-Time Data

Enable employees to easily find available space in hot desk and flexible working areas

Space UtilisationImprove Space Utilisation

Understand how your employees really use your building and ensure it meets your business needs