Desk Management and Hoteling

Optimize desk utilization and improve employee experience with live workspace availability

Optimize desks and workspace

Shared workstations and hot-desks are a common sight in many offices; and the transition to more flexible working patterns post-COVID will only cement their place in the modern office environment further.

Occupancy sensors can take these environments to the next level by enabling managers and property teams to truly understand how these resources are utilized and optimize them.

Occupancy data can also enable richer and more pleasurable experience for employees - they can find or book free desks faster and unused workstations can be automatically released.

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Benefits of occupancy data for desk management and hoteling

Optimize space planning

Understand the actual usage of these flexible resources and identify opportunities for improvement or optimization.

Do you have enough desks available? Do working patterns need to be modified to make better use of the space? Historical data allows in depth analysis for improved decision making.

Live space availability

Occupancy data enables live space availability to be presented to employees to improve their experience and increase productivity.

Integrating live occupancy data with a desk or resource booking system provides a smooth and seamless experience.

Enable a safe return to the workplace

Help manage the increased flexibility requirements of the workplace as employees re-engage with workplace.

Drive employee satisfaction through the roof by reflecting occupancy usage patterns in cleaning schedules, and enable demand based cleaning of flexible resources before they made available to others.

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Occupancy sensing experts

For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured technology and solutions that measure how buildings are used by people.

We pioneered the worlds first people counting sensor and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and reliable occupancy data.

From desks, to rooms, to whole buildings - we have an occupancy sensing solution that will meet your needs.

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Occupancy data integrations

Occupancy data has great value on it's own, but thanks to the open nature of the True Occupancy ecosystem, it can be easily integrated to other solutions, building systems, or combined with other data for business intelligence.

We have a growing number of pre-built connections for leading platforms and solutions; and a custom API for everything else.

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Useful resources

From providing insights and best practices, to real world examples and use cases, our occupancy data guides will help you discover the true power of occupancy data and occupancy analytics.

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Building a Business Case for Occupancy Monitoring

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Using Occupancy Data to Re-engage Employees With the Workplace

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