Collaboration Spaces

How do staff actually use these areas?

Collaboration spaces, breakout areas, wellness rooms, recharge rooms ...

These spaces are becoming an essential part of the modern workplace as employers look for new ways to encourage teamwork and increase employee productivity. But, do you know how your staff actually use these areas?

Implementing and maintaining these areas is not cheap, so it is essential that they provide the return on investment required.

With True Occupancy data you can understand how the space is utilised. Insights such as how often the area is at capacity and trend analysis identifying usage patterns will help answer the question of whether staff are actually using the space or if it would be more valuable and useful to change it use.

Collaboration Space

Video free solution ensures staff privacy as individuals counted are not identifiable

Invisible Boundaries

Invisible boundaries enable accurate occupancy counting even when there are no physical barriers separating spaces

Real-Time Occupancy

Occupancy data can be seen in real-time, enabling quick identification of available space by employees

Benefits and ROI

Space UtilisationImprove Space Utilisation

Understand how your collaboration spaces are really used and ensure they meet your business needs

Usage TrendsUnderstand Usage Trends

Gain insights in to how these spaces are used

Employee ExperienceEmployee Experience

Improve employee experience by making the building work for its users and enabling increased teamwork

Real-Time DataReal-Time Data

True Occupancy data can be integrated and displayed live on employee apps, intranets or display screens