Building and Space Utilization

Optimize real estate through rightsizing and improved strategic decision making

What is space utilization?

In simple terms, space utilization is a measure of how many people use a space (eg. a room or building), compared with how many it was designed for.

The True Occupancy ecosystem uses occupancy sensing technology to anonymously collect this data 24/7, enabling managers and leaders to truly understand how their space is being used.

This better understanding allows for improved strategic decision making, identification of opportunities for cost reduction, simplified space planning and validation of employee needs.

Building Space Utilization

Benefits of space utilization

Reduce real estate costs

Research shows that at any given point, over 40% of corporate real estate is empty and unused, but still being paid for.

Space utilization data can help reduce this unnecessary real estate spending through rightsizing and better space management.

Do you need all of your space? Can you reduce your real-estate footprint?

Optimize space planning

Space utilization data enables deep insight into portfolio management.

Make informed space management decisions based on facts, not opinions.

Validate employee needs. Often employees will make requests for more resources or additional space, understanding how the current space is utilized will let you know what they actually need.

Adapt to the "new normal"

The COVID pandemic has caused a huge shift towards remote and flexible working, with the workplace transforming to provide a safe environment for teamwork, collaboration and engagement that cannot be replicated remotely.

Space utilization data can help with space management and understanding how these areas are used, whether they are the right size for your needs and whether you have the right mix.

Learn more about using occupancy data to enable a safe return to work

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Case Study - National Grid Logo

The Irisys system is expected to help National Grid maintain a saving of £8 million in the first year, and over £48 million in the first 5 years, with an ROI of less than 12 months.

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Occupancy sensing experts

For over 25 years, we have designed and manufactured technology and solutions that measure how buildings are used by people.

We pioneered the worlds first people counting sensor and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and reliable occupancy data.

From desks, to rooms, to whole buildings - we have an occupancy sensing solution that will meet your needs.

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Occupancy data integrations

Occupancy data has great value on it's own, but thanks to the open nature of the True Occupancy ecosystem, it can be easily integrated to other solutions, building systems, or combined with other data for business intelligence.

We have a growing number of pre-built connections for leading platforms and solutions; and a custom API for everything else.

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Useful resources

From providing insights and best practices, to real world examples and use cases, our occupancy data guides will help you discover the true power of occupancy data and occupancy analytics.

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