Building and Space Utilisation

Understand how your building is really used

Office space is typically the second largest cost for organisations and research suggests up to 40% is vacant at any one time

JLL - Activity Based Working Report

Do you know where the occupants of your building are at any given time?

This is a difficult question to answer, but without knowing you can’t utilise your space effectively. Improve your space utilisation and reduce real estate costs with True Occupancy data that can help you understand how your buildings are really used.

Discreet ceiling mounted IoT sensors anonymously count people in and out of rooms, zones, floors and buildings. Occupancy data is collected in an AI cloud platform for analysis, reporting and integration with 3rd party systems.

Office and real estate costs are a huge burden on businesses, so it is essential that you understand how your building is used and make your building work for you.

Office Heat Map
Office Space

Measure traffic in and around your facility. Reduce operating costs by understanding actual occupancy and usage by room, zone, area, floor or building.

Real-Time Occupancy

Deliver real-time information to staff and enable them to easily find space in hot desking and flexible working environment, available meeting rooms or even avoid the queues at on-site gym and restaurants.

Meeting Rooms

Monitor meeting room and conference room usage and ensure that they are the right size and you have the right number to meet your business needs.

Benefits and ROI

Improve Space UtilisationImprove Space Utilisation

Understand how all rooms, zones, floors and buildings are really used and ensure they are right for your needs

Employee ExperienceEmployee Experience

Improve employee experience by making the building work for its users

Reduce Wasted TimeReduce Wasted Time

Staff time is expensive, ensure it is used productively and reduce the amount of time they spend looking for available rooms

Real-Time DataReal-Time Data

True Occupancy data can be integrated and displayed live on employee apps, intranets or display screens

"It's great for helping internal customers understand how their space is being used and provides important feedback to building managers on building usage"
Simon Carter, Head of Corporate Property - National Grid, UK