What is True Occupancy?

A building occupancy ecosystem that makes your building smart

A single source of truth for building occupancy data

True Occupancy is a building occupancy ecosystem created by Irisys.

Capturing data from a range of occupancy sensing technologies, True Occupancy measures building performance and space utilization in real-time.

From desks to rooms, and open areas to buildings, True Occupancy provides accurate and reliable occupancy data for informed decision making.

The True Occupancy ecosystem

One solution for all your occupancy measuring needs.

Irisys True Occupancy Solution - Overview
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Capture occupancy data

True Occupancy utilizes multiple, privacy protecting, occupancy sensing technologies to measure people movement. This means that no matter where in your building you want to understand people movement and utilization, we have you covered.

Learn more about our portfolio of occupancy sensors

Aggregate and align data

Handling all the complexities of collecting occupancy data from deployed sensors, the True Occupancy data platform (True Data) makes sense of it, aligns it with your building layout for context and prepares it for analysis or integration.

The data platform includes patented end of day error correction and remote device management tools.

Learn more about our data platform

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Leverage data integrations

Occupancy data has great value on it's own, but thanks to the open nature of our data platform (True Data), it can be easily integrated to other solutions, building systems and combined with other data sources for business intelligence.

Learn more about our data integrations

Visualize data with reporting

The simple, intuitive dashboards of our True Insights reporting, enable fast and easy analysis. Historical and real-time reports can be viewed for a whole portfolio, or deep-dived for more in-depth analysis at a building, floorplate, zone or individual room level.

Learn more about True Insights reporting

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Why choose True Occupancy?

Understanding occupancy everywhere in your building is important to you

We have occupancy sensing solutions for all areas of your building, not just specific single niches that some other companies provide. Discover our occupancy sensing solutions

We are a trusted and reliable company

We have 25 years experience of delivering solutions that our customers rely on. With the backing of our large parent company (Fluke), we have the stability that is essential for a solution provider. We are not just another start-up. Learn more about Irisys

You need a smart, scalable solution

You need an intelligent solution that can grow and scale with your requirements. With our solution, you can start small with the immediate priorities and scale over time, adding other rooms, buildings or sensing technology as required.

Our solution is tried and tested, and can handle large scale rollouts with thousands of sensors.

You value true partnerships

Ones that will make your project a success. Not just a hardware or a component supplier.

You want advice, insight and knowledge to make informed choices to get the best operational outcome. See our customer success stories

Data matters, you want accuracy not guesswork

You need data that is accurate and you can rely on, not fancy graphics or over-hyped and under-delivered solutions. Read about our occupancy data platform

Privacy, anonymity and security aren't just features, they are essential

Nobody wants to be watched whilst going about their business, and nobody wants a camera monitoring their desk, or inside their meeting rooms, or at their building entrance. That is why our sensors anonymously measure occupancy levels and protect building user privacy. More about our sensing solutions

We also understand that data security is important, which is why our data platform features advanced security measures as standard. Learn more about our data platform

Ready to get started?

Talk to our occupancy experts and discover how you can leverage the power of occupancy data.

Useful resources

From providing insights and best practices, to real world examples and use cases, our occupancy data guides will help you discover the true power of occupancy data and occupancy analytics.

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