Space Utilisation and Occupancy Analytics for Smart Buildings

Optimise your workplace by understanding building utilisation and knowing how it is really used

Definition: True Occupancy

Accurate and reliable counting of people as they move within a building

Why is True Occupancy data important?

Running costs of buildings represent a significant outlay for all businesses, so finding a way to run facilities as efficiently as possible is vital.

By measuring the movement of people within a building, you can use real-time occupancy data to understand how the building is really used.

Remove the guesswork from important business decisions and use occupancy analytics data to improve space utilisation, optimise the workplace and reduce energy consumption. Spot trends and patterns, anticipate your workplace needs and make sure you provide a productive working environment for everyone in your facility.

True Occupancy Reporting

Applications in all areas of your building

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"The True Occupancy solution, compared to other similar solutions was more attractive due to the low cost, ease and scalability of its deployment. It was also completely passive and there were no privacy issues which was key to ensuring buy-in from our colleagues"
Jo Salmon, Innovation Manager Corporate Property - National Grid, UK

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