The occupancy monitoring solution

A single source of truth for real time building occupancy and space utilization data


What is True Occupancy?

True Occupancy is an occupancy ecosystem that provides essential occupancy data for everywhere that matters to you.

Drive strategic decisions using a range of intelligent sensor solutions – from desk to room to building – all backed-up with globally trusted device management, simple visualization tools and open integration with leading BMS and workplace systems.

About True Occupancy

One platform. Multiple uses.

Return to Work
Enable a safe return to the workplace for employees.
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Space Utilization
Optimize real estate through rightsizing. Improve strategic decision making.
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Employee Experience
Empower employees whilst attracting and retaining talent.
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Energy and HVAC
Reduce operational costs and improve environmental impact
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Open Area and Space Monitoring
Measure the usage of flexible and non-defined areas for optimization and right-sizing.
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Meeting Room Rightsizing
Improve asset utilization, space rationalization, employee productivity and experience.
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Washroom and Restroom Management
Understand usage for demand based cleaning, improve sanitization and safety.
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Hoteling and Desk Management
Optimize desk space and improve employee experience with live space availability
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Why choose True Occupancy?

Understanding occupancy everywhere in your building is important to you

We are a trusted and reliable company

You need a smart, scalable solution

You value true partnerships

Data matters, you want accuracy not guesswork

Privacy, anonymity and security aren't just features, they are essential

"It's great for helping internal customers understand how their space is being used and provides important feedback to building managers on building usage"

Simon Carter - Head of Corporate Property, National Grid

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Trusted by global businesses

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Applications in many industries

Offices and Workplaces
Higher Education
Transport Hubs

Occupancy sensing technology

True Occupancy utilizes multiple occupancy sensing technologies to measure people movement. This means that no matter where in your building you want to understand people movement and utilization, we have a sensor that will capture accurate and reliable information.

See our occupancy sensors

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Occupancy data platform

Handling all the complexities of collecting occupancy data from deployed sensors, the True Occupancy data platform (True Data) makes sense of it, aligns it with your building layout for context and prepares it for analysis or integration.

With patented end of day error correction and remote device management tools, our data platform is the brains of the True Occupancy solution.

Discover our occupancy data platform

Occupancy data integrations

Leverage the power of occupancy data and the True Occupancy data platform  (True Data) with our range of integration options.

From building management systems to hoteling and desk booking systems, the open nature of our data platform enables immense value to be realized from collected people movement data. 

Occupancy data integrations

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